Stéphane Le Roux

  • Spinal implants Made in France (14 patents)
  • Product and services offer meeting 90% of daily operating needs (8 product lines)
  • Present in over 50 countries through distributors; over 90% export sales
  • 20% average annual growth in sales

Dear shareholders,

Ever since Spineway was created in 2005, we have aimed to position our offer at the heart of the spinal implant market. Our experience and thorough knowledge of this market have enabled us to propose solutions which perfectly meet the needs of our clients and to ensure company profitability from the beginning.

After seven years of uninterrupted and profitable growth, a range which covers eighty percent of spinal column pathologies and a network installed in over forty countries, we have made another step forward by launching Spineway on the Paris Euronext Growth Stock Exchange.

With this operation, we have chosen to provide the company with new financial power which will support the continuation of our winning strategy.

Our market is international. Our type of surgery is becoming increasingly available in all types of economies and worldwide needs are growing. With our “Gold Standard” products, we have conquered our place and gradually installed our own innovations. This is the fruit of close collaboration between our engineers and the surgeons who design the implants, as well as the result of our insistence on quality and service to our clients.

By successfully going public, we now have the means which will enable us to grow the deployment of our innovations and to continue reinforcing our world position

We would like to thank all our shareholders for their confidence in us, as well as our teams, who, through their continued efforts, enable us to meet new challenges and continue moving forward successfully.

Message of the president (french) - January 2019