Spineway designs, produces and markets innovative implant lines and ancillary surgical equipment which are used to treat severe spinal column pathologies.


End of 2018 - beginning of 2019 launching of the Newway 2021 plan

2017 market development in the USA.

2016 Launch of the Mont Blanc MIS. Establishment of Spineway USA Inc in Florida and 1er strategic partner in the US with a first order of 2m$.

2015 Update of the Mont Blanc and Blue Mountain approvals in USA.

2014 Launch of the TLIF cage and the Mont Blanc 3D+ instrumentation at the Eurospine 2014 congress.

2013 Launch on the Paris Alternext/NYSE Stock Exchange.
Final development of Mont Blanc 3D+, a real innovation in operating techniques for the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. 9 patents – 48 distributors

2011 Innovation with Kili, an anterior thoraco-lumbar cage, which facilitates the implantation procedure and improves post-operational life quality.

2009 Development of Mont Blanc Baby, a line specifically adapted to pediatric needs (starting at ten months). 6 patents – 28 distributors

2007 Introduction of the flagship Mont Blanc line with a rear fixation system which is able to cover 60% of pathologies. 3 patents – 17 distributors

2005 Creation of the Spineway Company by two spinal implant professionals: Stéphane Le Roux and Philippe Laurito.First sales - 7 distributors